FFDS VBD 2013 Drafting Software

FFDS is the #1 fantasy football value based drafting software. In blackjack a cheat card tells us when to hit or stay. In Texas Hold'Em a cheat card tells us when to bid or fold. In fantasy football our FFDS VBD software tells us when to draft RB, WR, QB, TE, DST, and K. The common thread is that these aids are based on mathematical odds and optimum results. Click on PAY with PAYPAL to buy.

Feature Dollar Version Full Version
Price $0.99 $29.99
Installer Download Download
License Term 1 year, 1 user 1 year, 1 user
Refunds no refunds no refunds
Functionality limited full
Teams 10 only any number
Roster Size 16 or less any number
Points Per Reception no yes
VBD ES and S-GA yes yes
VBD Worst Starter yes yes
VBD ONA yes yes
Player Rankings yes yes
Draft Masters yes yes
Auction Values yes yes

Book: Fantasy Football Draft Satisfaction 2012

This book explains the VBD algorithms in detail. Buy on Amazon